February 03, 2008

About James, by B-Jo, continued...

When I asked him what he wanted to write about himself, he started being "funny": (in a deep voice) "I like long walks on the beach...."

What a goober, so I took it upon myself to write something about him, since he got me to set up his blog.

Okay, so we've already established he's a goof. He cannot help it, he's funny, he tries to be funny and sometimes isn't. It has to do with making up for shortcomings, like his health. He has Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic illness that causes the body to produce excess fluids, especially in the lungs. While that is not all of the disease, that is one of the areas that causes the most issues for him.
He's actually doing fairly well, though I suppose you could say he has passed his midlife crisis and is on the downhill side (I'm talking in regards to average life expectancies when it comes to CF patients).

He wanted to be in the Navy, but because of his health, they wouldn't take him. So he tries to live vicariously though the stories of his Dad and Uncle who were in the Navy, as well as through books, both fiction and non-fiction, that deal with the Navy as well. He also builds models. Oh, my, heck, does he build models. They're all over our living room, he comandeered two of my bookcases to house said models and now is out of room, again... But that is a big purpose for this blog, so he can post photos of his models to share with others. I am hoping I can show him once how to put up the pictures and type the entries, and after that, I hope he'll be on his own.

He is a very sweet boy (I should call him a man, but since I've known him for so long, well, I still like to think of him as a boy). He's made leaps and bounds in his life and I love him dearly (sigh). If he wants, he can blog more about it later on.


gramminona said...

Ok James now you really have to put in your 2 cents here.
I hope you can do this blog I think it would be good for you. Don't be like me and start and not keep it up. (I am trying, it is just that my frustration levels are too high most of the time.) Getting good with the picture posting will really be great. MAybe you can even learn to do more creative things with the pictures.
Anyway I am adding your blog to my favorites list and I go through my favorites almost every day, so I'll be watching. Good luck and happ writings.
Love Mommy

Cami Checketts said...

Hi B-Jo. You won Band of Sisters on my blog. Please e-mail me - camichecketts(at)yahoo(dot)com with your info and I'll have Annette send you the book.